You can practice great brushing technique and have good flossing habits, and still have problems with your teeth and gums even with regular check-ups at your general dentist. Tooth pain, increased sensitivity to hot or cold, injury and swelling are just some of the signs that indicate potential problems.

There are many causes for dental problems, including injury, decay or infection.

You may like to Google common dental symptoms to help understand the causes and possible solutions for your tooth pain. If you have on-going pain or discomfort, contact your dentist or we are happy to answer any concerns.

Treatments and Procedures
If you have a diseased or injured tooth, it’s important to know and understand your treatment options. There may be multiple options available to you. Understanding your choices and their impact on your future dental health is important.

Your dentist will be able to advise you of proposed treatment and any available alternatives, so you can make a fully informed decision about your dental care.

Endodontic treatment helps you maintain your natural smile, continue eating the foods you love and limits the need for ongoing dental work. With proper care, most teeth that have had root canal treatment can last as long as other natural teeth and often for a lifetime.

Root Canals
What does root canal treatment mean?
Here is a basic intro about this quick, comfortable procedure that can relieve your pain and save your natural tooth.
Has a dentist told you that you need root canal treatment?

If so, you are not alone. Millions of teeth are treated and saved each year with root canal Therapy. It is important to remember that root canal treatment does not cause pain, but relieves it.

Inside the tooth, under the white enamel and a hard layer called the dentin, is a soft tissue called the pulp. The pulp contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue, and helps to grow the root of your tooth during development. In a fully developed tooth, the tooth can survive without the pulp because the tooth continues to be nourished by the tissues surrounding it.

Contrary to jokes about the matter, modern endodontic treatment is very similar to having a routine filling and usually can be completed in one or two appointments, depending on the condition of your tooth and your personal circumstances. You can expect a comfortable experience during and after your appointment.

Saving the natural tooth with root canal treatment has many advantages:

  • Efficient chewing
  • Normal biting force and feeling
  • Natural appearance
  • Protects other teeth from excessive wear and tear.

Tooth Saving Tips
Patients today have more options than ever before to treat their teeth. Understanding your choices and their impact on your future dental health and lifestyle is important. Read on to learn why nothing is as good as your natural tooth and get simple tips for saving your teeth!

Saving a natural tooth through endodontic treatment should always be the first choice for the best health and cosmetic results. There are many advantages to saving your natural tooth:

  • Efficient chewing
  • Normal biting force, so you can continue to eat your favourite foods
  • Maintains a natural appearance
  • Limits the need for more costly, ongoing dental work.

Through endodontic treatment, endodontists and dentists worldwide enable patients to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime.

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