Pedodontics or infant dentistry deals with dental diseases encountered in the case of children with deciduous (milk teeth) or mixed teeth (permanent teeth mixed with milk teeth).

Pedodontics features different adult dentistry aspects, both from the local perspective – children teeth are different from adult teeth – and from a general perspective – the presence of a developing body.

Psychologically, the child will manifest fear of dental interventions, but a pleasant atmosphere of the cabinet, the doctor´s tact and the ability to exploit the age-specific curiosity and the child´s desire for knowledge, can radically change this feeling. In this way, the children get to unreservedly pass through the threshold of our clinic.

Modern dentistry gives big importance for preserving the milk teeth on the arcade until the age when they fall down by themselves. They are designed to maintain the necessary space for permanent teeth. Early extraction of milk teeth leads to loss of space and to crowding of permanent teeth.

Therefore, the treatment of caries in the case of milk teeth is very important, because they have to remain on the arch for a while to avoid more elaborate orthodontic treatments later on. Your child´s state of comfort and confidence is also very important, because he/she will be able to boast with beautiful and healthy teeth!


  • prophylactic treatments -the sealing of grooves and fissures in molars in the case of six year old children, fluoridation
  • the treatment of simple and complex cavities
  • a comprehensive range of dental appliances
  • temporary or permanent tooth extraction
  • pediatric endodontics