Aesthetics is the science that studies the laws and categories of art, perceived as the highest form of creation and perception of beauty.

When the shape, size, contour or color of your teeth suffers and they do not meet your expectations, the aesthetic dentistry procedures come to help you.

Teeth that are too yellow or with a color, that you consider inappropriate, can be whitened.

Those teeth whith small defects in enamel or which do not benefit from whitening procedures, can be faceted with ceramic or zirconium plates to achieve close to perfection aesthetic results.

For teeth whith extensive damage we recommend ceramic crowns on zirconium plates and for improperly positioned teeth we recommend braces, to guarantee the smile that you want.

Aesthetic Dentistry Services

  • Dental whitening can be done in two ways:
  1. At home by the patient using dental trays and whitening gel prepared in the dental clinic;
  2. In the dental clinic with a fast result advantage, obtained in only one treatment session;
  • Dental veneers are the most physiognomic whitening method. They are made through layering technique and their major advantage is that they require minor polishing of the outer surface of teeth. Their texture and translucency are similar to the natural color of teeth. Composite veneers – can be made and applied in the same day, they have a very good aesthetic result. The most important advantage is the minimal preparation of dental tissue and as a result, the prophylaxis of possible complications.