Dental therapy is the specialty of dentistry that deals with treating affections that destroy the hard dental tissue, lesions known as “caries”. The earlier a caries is detected, the higher is the chance to treated it simplier, less expensive and requiring less visits to the dentist.

Initially, the caries is visible as a brown spot; over time the spot turns into a cavity which, if undetected and untreated, increases in size, leading to dental pulp affection. The symptoms are minor at first: cold or sweet sensitivity, then greater pain, bad breath, tooth sensitivity to pressure or even the fracture of the tooth wall.

Treating caries in simple terms means:
– removal of damaged tissue up to healthy dental tissue
– protection of healthy tissues
– tooth reconstruction (by means of a filling)

Other types of injuries

  • Dental discoloration is a color change at the physiological dental structure level, which is perceived in stomatology as being a shining and bright injury, together with straight aligned teeth. Depending on the etiology, the dental discoloration can affect the entire arcade, a group of teeth or a single tooth temporary or permanent.
  • Dental hypoplasia is a dental anomaly caused most often by early life trauma`s, malnutrition or improper diet, the result of this injury is a low quantity of enamel with a normal structure. The defect may touch a small area without disturbing the aesthetic and functionality of the tooth, or it may occupy a large area of the tooth. It can be also accompanied by chewing disorders as well as phonation and aesthetics disfunctions.
  • Dental anomalies of shape and size are disorders of the tooth development, process that installs insidiously, they develop slowly, but some times sudden – particularly the phenomenology related to development of teeth, it is actually a result of previous disturbances. Most often, this anomalies are the result of interlocking action of general etiological factors (hereditary, neuro-endocrine dysmetabolic, etc.) and local (disturbance in the performance and features of muscular behavior, bad habits, changes in dental system, etc).