In order to achieve good prosthesis results it is necessary not only the professionalism and experience of the prosthetist doctor, but also good qualification of technicians, modern well equipped clinic, leading technologies and materials of latest generation.

General indications for prosthesis:

1. Pathological abrasion. In these situations it may be necessary to restor the teeth height with partial or total crowns.

2. Massive destruction of the tooth crown. It’s about untreated caries, when the dentist is not able to provide teeth resistance  only by applying dental fillings. In this case it may be necessary to use dental crowns or inlays.

3. The total destruction of the tooth crown. When only the roots remain, prosthesis is indicated by using crown-root implants.

4. The tooth absence. It is the main defect of the dental arch which needs a prosthetic restoration. The choice of method depends on the peculiarities of dental defects and can be performed by using dental implants.

5. Multiple defects of dental arch. Usually dental breaches occurs with age. Therefore there are some indications for the best treatment. In this case there are mutiple versions of prosthetic treatment: mobile and fixed prosthetics, dental implants. However the choice of method depends on several factors that must be taken into consideration by the dentist.